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Audley Park Hitch : Dan & Andie

So I am proud to say I am part of the “Original Oatley Girls” gang. Very hard to get into guys. Basically first Job in Australia was at a Pub where I happened to meet the best group of friends ever and 4 years later none of us work there yet still just as close if not closer and will probably end up being the God parents of each other’s children already pretty much family I feel. We are awesome….Or at least we can pretend we are (but really we are).





Anyway the first member got married! My beautiful Andie got hitched to the lovely Dan (Dandie) down at Audley in the lush and vibrant national park in NSW. And I was luckily enough to help her out in the set up and flowers.


Her style is all bout the lace and bows but in a classy and elegant manner. Colour palette of blush pinks and dusty peaches and whites with little hints of turquoise to contrast,it definitely summed up our Andie. Andie and her family and the little help from me managed to do it all themselves from wooden trunk slabs for centre pieces cut by her dad to the INCREDIBLE cake created by her mum. Serval attempts at building the floral archway in the wind and a few allergic reactions from the vines…the end result was gorgeous and by the look on their faces on their wedding day it was perfect!

Flowers used; Dusty miller (the best), Babies Breath, carnations (they ain’t dead yet) peonies, garden roses. By mixing a few expensive flowers with cheaper ones to save money yet still create beautiful simple posies and table decorations.

Bear Hug

Everyone needs to be hugged by a bear ... Maybe not a grizzly

Everyone needs to be hugged by a bear … Maybe not a grizzly

This is a quick illustration of mine using watercolours and black fine-liners. Recently started to draw up animals maybe more for the younger audience or maybe just for me really. Would really like to go into children’s book illustrations…again add that to the list of things I want to do!

Hellooooo !

Not entirely sure how one might start the first blog post as such, but its going a bit like this I guess.

  •  Name: Chloe L Evans
  • Age: 22
  • Nationality: English/ Australian (not really sure who i am)
  • Studies: UNSW / COFA Art & Design, Bachelor of Design & Cert 111 floristry at Pearson’s School Sydney
  • Occupation: A mighty great glorified waitress… aka  a food runner at Opera Bar – but amazing views ! (and staff)

So there you are the wonderful basics of me.

Always having a crazy passion for art & design and anything in between remotely creative, age 5 I would ask for my 100th box of Crayola pencils and the prettiest pencil-case out there. Moving from the quiet countryside village in Yorkshire, to  the beautiful vibrant city of Sydney (thanks to a duel passport). Age 18 I decided I needed to escape, not in the sense that where I was from was bad, it’s not its beautiful also, but was just missing that something and after a visit to Australia the previous year to meet my cousins I fell in love, head over heals in love with Australia. Don’t get me wrong it gets extremely difficult at times to be soo far away from my family, but here I am still loving life in Sydney, in my 4th year of UNI (Bachelor of Design) and my part-time job.

Now Teal Ink Design is my baby , my fresh newborn crying non stop not really sure how to make it grow baby (I will be a great mother). But styling and designing Events in all areas is my call, who doesn’t love an awesome party and celebrations. I adore the idea of the different little worlds you can design and escape into, amazing food, flowers, lights, colours, music and the perfect company thrill me. Weddings, one of the most important days of your lives, something you remember and the idea you can create someone’s perfect memory, the atmosphere you design and invent is what I must do. After all who doesn’t want to work in their dream job?

The name Teal Ink Designs, if anyone knows me this doesn’t need explaining to why I have this name representing me. Teal, green, blue, aqua, teal, emerald, jade, teal, sage, olive, and pretty much any colour in between I am obsessed with and will probably own clothing in all those colours only. So here’s to all you #TEAL LOVERS (Is that a thing?…. let’s make it a thing).

My style is a little bit of everything, think bohemian meets elegance in the 1920s meets glamour meets edgy eerie meets nature and floral meets… ok so no exact label for my style (Maybe Neil Whitaker can name it for me) but basically is a balance of all the best things, and I like to create and design different styles, and that’s the beauty of design always something new and inventive out there.

Few of my top inspirational people out there are;

  • Sibella Court (GET HER BOOKS!)
  • Antoni Gaudi (GO TO BARCELONA)
  • Makoto Azuma (JUST WOW.)

As a Textiles and Graphic major I am interested in fabrics and textures (obviously) and don’t get me started on some good designed packaging oooooof ;P I do a lot of my own Illustrations when I can outside of the UNI assessments that take up all existing time with the common occurrence of drawing botanic art. Also slowly getting more and more involved into typography…basically I want to do everything and anything and why not? That is what I think is great with event style and design it involves so many different areas.

Finally I am also a fresh student at Pearson’s School of floristry doing my Cert 111 and never did I realise how awesome floristry is, just another art form really instead of your paints use flowers, and who doesn’t want to play with flowers all day? highly recommend in taking the course if you even have the slightest bit of interest in that area.

So I give you Teal Ink Designs , Focussing on event styling and all the bits involved from food, music locations design textiles lifestyle …. you get the idea ? Somewhat focused on the magical world of creative design ! ENJOY (Please)

PS: Ok I am NOT and English major, yes it is my first… and only language and yes there is a tool called auto correct and spell check, but I do make up a lot of words and perhaps forget anything I learnt about grammar and the uses of the * ‘ * but I assure that you will still be able to read it and get the gist if not just look at all the pretty pictures I will post.

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